Welcome to Bad Dog’s Blog. We love tools. We really love our tools. But we really, really love to take stuff apart, put it back together, and do it all over again. So here we hope we can post some of our cool projects, helpful tips and advice about our tools, and even feature your projects and questions.

Our tools are utilized by a variety of industries and for use cases that often never even cross our minds. So while our advice is helpful for a lot of people- your questions and projects are really what makes this blog a hub of camaraderie among us with calloused hands, a sweaty brow, and the love of putting our hands to good work.

So do us a favor, visit our contact page and fill out the Ask Bad Dog form. Update us on your projects, send us photos, and most of all ask us questions. Because while you are the expert in your craft, we’re the expert in our tools. And we are always glad to help.

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