Bad Dog Long Dog Biter – Sheet material cutter with reach

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With a longer reach the Long Dog can handle both close-up work and applications like cutting the inside of a quarter panel or an air duct in a ceiling.


  • Patented Steerable Head makes cutting patterns easy and puts control at your fingertips.
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ Aluminum, 14 gauge Mild Steel, 16 gauge Stainless Steel, and 11 gauge Copper, Brass, Bronze.
  • Not just for Metal – Cut up to 1/8″ Leather, Formica, Paper, Lexan, Plastic, and More.
  • Long Head allows 4″ cut reach
  • Patented Dual Heads for double the cutting time for each blade.
  • Safe! Opening on cutting head is large enough to let in material, but not your fingers.
  • Patented Pass-Through Blade makes replacing the blade simple. Loosen one set screw and push the new blade through
  • Knurled grip for better control
  • Mounts on any drill – corded or cordless

Kit includes aluminum Biter Body complete with one Long Dog Steerable 4″ Head and one original steerable 2″ head, HSS blade, one spare HSS blade, one spare Cutting Head, one spare Set Screw, Combo-wrench for quick head change.
All packed in a durable, foam-lined metal toolbox.


The Bad Dog Biter is the sports car of sheet material cutters. It's light. It's compact. Where other cutting tools cut straight lines or curved lines, the Bad Dog Biter cuts drag-race straight and makes track-worth turns with ease.

Powered by your hand drill and a pair of our patented cutting heads. The Bad Dog Biter makes it easy to cut sheet material up to 1/8″ thick. Plus, there are no cords or hoses to get in the way.

Designed to be safe. The head is designed so that your fingers cannot fit into the cutting area.

Like one Bad Dog Biter user said, “These puppies cut circles around other nibblers”.

We couldn’t have put it better.

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The Original Biter comes with a 2″ cutting head which is perfect for every-day cutting like trimming flashing, removing rusted sheet metal from a fender, fitting laminate, or cutting sheet plastic. For those cuts that are just out of reach, pop on the Long Dog Head. A full 4″ long, the Long Dog makes access easy to hard-to-reach places such as inside a fender to install marker lights, awkward angles on the dash to install gauges or retrofitting ductwork hidden inside a ceiling. The Long Dog features the same 360° turning radius as the original Bad Dog Biter.

Will, it cut stainless steel? 

Yes, the Biter will cut up to 18 gauge Stainless Steel.

How long does a blade last? 

It will depend on what you cut but figure about 1,000 linear feet for each blade.

How do I get the heads to turn?

It’s as simple as loosening the set screw a half turn using the wrench included in your kit.

How far do the heads turn? 

360° to easily cut any shape!

That’s great but I need a straight cut – what do I do? 

Just tighten the setscrew for arrow-straight cuts.  Because the Bad Dog Biter has two heads, we recommend keeping one cutting head loose and one tight to have both options quickly at hand.

Is it dangerous? 

The head is designed so that your fingers cannot fit into the cutting area. 


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