4.5″ HDII – ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel

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The Original HDII, still our best selling and versatile wheel. Whether you have to Cut, Sand, Grind or Sharpen the 4.5″ HDII will do it all.


  • Cut, Sand, and Grind with the same wheel.
  • Diamond Grit is applied to the surface and edges for ultimate versatility.
  • Use on almost any material from Masonry to Metal and PVC to Porcelain.
  • Safe! Steel core means the wheel won’t explode like a fiberglass wheel if it binds up when cutting
  • Lifetime guarantee. If you wear out or damage this wheel we will replace it, no questions asked
  • Available in 5/8″ and 7/8″ arbor

Use 4.5″ HDII on an Angle Grinder – Not Included.



The heavy diamond-coated HDII is the ultimate cutting + grinding wheel. Put this wheel up against almost any material to cut, sand, or grind its way through. At 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale Diamond wins every time.

Use on Steel, Aluminum, Granite, Porcelain, Concrete, even soft materials like PVC and plastic without loading up the wheel. Cut Rebar in Concrete without trashing your metal blade on the concrete. Easily chase cracks in Asphalt. Even grind Abrasive Resistant (AR) Steel.

More than anything, the HDII is designed to be safe. The steel core won't shatter and explode like conventional fiberglass wheels even if it binds up.

The HDII cutting diamond plate


The HDII sanding concrete


Using a Handi Disc II grinder to sharpen an axe blade



HDII Customer Reviews:

"This thing cuts everything, it’s one bad blade, and it’s tougher than nails!"

- Larry F.

"One of those rare products these days that performs exactly as advertised! Thanks Bad Dog Tools!!!

- Mike T.

"This is a great product. I don’t know how I could ever get along without it. So many projects, so many uses- AWESOME!"

- Jim G. 

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Through new manufacturing technology and advances in material science, we’ve put together a blade that is a worthy successor to the original Handi Disc Flexible Abrasive Wheel. The HDII can tackle a host of material removal operations. Just like the original Handi Disc, it cuts, sands, and grinds several materials including metal, masonry, plastic, stone, and more! But the new HDII is a rigid-coated 18 gauge steel blade available in six different diameters so you always have the right wheel for your application. The proprietary abrasive mix, which includes two ounces of synthetic diamond, coats the blade in a unique pattern designed for optimum wear. The HDII can even be used without water! It's an awesome addition to your toolbox whether you’re a farmer, contractor, plumber, electrician, auto or motorcycle enthusiast, or a DIY’ing homeowner.

Will the HDII fit my grinder?

The industry standard for grinders is as follows:

Rotary Tools (Dremel TM) - 1/8"

3" - 1/4"

4" - 5/8"

4-1/2", 6", 7" - 7/8" arbor flange for a 5/8" coarse arbor shaft

At Bad Dog, we find that an HDII with a 7/8" arbor flange runs truest because it is a more precise fit. 

The 4-1/2" and 6" Flange wheel use the 5/8" Coarse thread which is standard on ALL grinders. 

Call us at 800.252.1330 if you have any questions. 

What won't the HDII cut?

Wood - It will shape wood well but burns when cutting.

Glass - The HDII is too aggressive and leaves a jagged edge.

How long does the HDII last?

Nothing lasts forever but we Guarantee the HDII for LIFE!

What if I break the HDII?

We'll replace it - even if it's your fault!  Here's a link to the details of our Lifetime Guarantee.

How do I clean the HDII?

Sometime when cutting softer metals like aluminum the HDII will "gum" up.  If this happens to you, simply run your HDII through a concrete block and it will be good as new.

7 reviews for 4.5″ HDII – ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel

  1. Michael Rogers

    i bought this 2 years ago misplaced it for over a year but have not been able to use on my makita, dewalt or ryobi too big for shaft cant get a response for adapter to even use it very disapointing

    • The Dog

      Hi Michael,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the arbor hole size of your HDII. Give us a call at 800-252-1330 and we’re happy to talk through how to get you up and running correctly.

      The Dog

  2. JB

    My son and I work in the marine industry and just last week I used the HDII for the first time. i had a damaged fiberglass hood that required major repair. I used the wheel to first cut out the damaged area and after the initial buildup of glass used the flat side to shape the bracket posts, didn’t clog at all and cut very fast without binding.
    My son could not get a U Joint cross out of an outdrive input shaft so I had him try the disk using only the edge to cut thru the hardened cross…. 4 mins later it was cut clean.
    We will be using it a lot more and I will order the cupped version..
    Will update as I come across more uses that are challenging to us in the field…

  3. Mike Travis

    Can’t say enough good things about this wheel! I’m a hobbiest blacksmith, and do some light metal fabrication work, vehicles, around the house, art projects, etc. I admit, I was skeptical. Grinding with a cutoff wheel? YGBSM!?!? Well I’m here to tell you – it works! My wife bought me one for Christmas and it works! Way better than a standard cutoff wheel. You can cut faster, grind, do things you would never do with a standard cutoff wheel. I’m a pilot for my day job and I’m paranoid about protecting my eyes. I’ve been using the heck out of this thing for a while now and it still looks shiny and new! I love it. I’m buying it for gifts for all my friends that do metal work. One of those rare products these days that performs exactly as advertised! Thanks Bad Dog Tools!!!

  4. Richard C., RI

    This is a great product. I don’t know how I could ever get along without it. So many projects, so many uses- AWESOME! It’s actually the best Christmas gift I ever received (from my wife).

  5. Robert P

    Bought this a few yrs ago at the BigE after buying the saw blade OMG I cut through everything I have this one and just picked up the smaller one for tight spaces

  6. Twah

    I’ve cut hundreds of feet of steel for projects. Grinded hundreds of welds. Cut stone and concrete blocks without issue! Best cutting tool you can buy!! Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Saved so much over the old style cutoff wheels

  7. jim s

    admittedly I have not purchased the hd-2, I was looking at it and it looks to be a quality disc and would be a handy tool to have but the price for a 4.5 in disc seems to be ridiculously high,just no way in my mind to justify that price,I guess I will stick with the plain old handy disc,I can by several for the same cost,I have a feeling that many have the same view as myself.

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