Lifetime Guaranteed Badge

Guarantee Details

What better way to show you how good Bad Dog Tools are than by backing them with a Lifetime guarantee!

Yep, that’s right - Bad Dog Tools are so good that we guarantee ‘em for life! You’ll find further details of the program below. And, of course, if you have any questions please give us a bark at 800-252-1330 or


Everything…here’s the fine print:

Bad Dog Biter
We will repair or replace the BODY of the Biter as covered by the Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
Note: Cutting heads and cutting blades are wear parts and can be purchased either at one of our trade show displays or by clicking here.

Versa Clamp
We will repair or replace the Versa Clamp if any part of the Versa Clamp or Vise should fail.

Multi-Purpose Drill Bits
We will repair or replace damaged or dull bits.

SDS Hammer Drill Bits
We will repair or replace damaged or dull bits.

Handi Disc Original and HDII
Blades whose arbor holes have been re-configured are NOT covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Router Bits or Rover Bits
Weight constraints limit the replacement of Router Bits and Rover Bits to mail only. They cannot be replaced at trade shows.

Saw Dog Blades
Saw Dog Blades damaged by Sawstop or those blades whose arbor holes have been re-configured are NOT covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Replacement parts are refurbished. We reserve the right to rescind lifetime warranty as the result of abuse or alteration of a Bad Dog Tool including but not limited to shanks, spindles, and arbor hole configurations. Bad Dog Tools reserves the right the substitute replacement items when discontinued sizes are no longer available.


Please be sure to include your return address and return shipping and handling so that we can get your tools back to you!

We recommend that you use a padded envelope or wrap the part(s) loosely in crumpled newspaper so that the metal tools do not break through the envelope. Please do not tape bits, blade, or other parts together or wrap them individually in newspaper.

Don't forget to include return shipping and handling! See rates below.


Drill bits are all in a small bubb


Drill bits splitting open a plain unpadded envelope.
Each drill bit is individually wrapped and taped


Multi-Purpose Drill Bits up to 1” x 6”

Multi-Purpose Drill Bits over 6” in length


Rover Bits

Router Bits

Diamond Wheel

Handi Disc


Saw Dog

Blue Blade

Biter Body

Versa Clamp

Hole Saw

$2.50 for first bit; $1 for each additional bit

$10 for first bit; $2.50 for each additional bit.

$5/per bit

$5/per bit

$5/per bit

$5/per wheel

$7.50/per disc

$10.00/per blade

7″=$7; 10″=10$; 12″=$12

$10/per blade

$10/per biter

$5/per clamp

$10/per bit

*Surcharge of $7.50 USD for shipping to Canada

Items sent in metal box/cases will be charged an addition $5 return shipping and handling


We are a family business working hard in Bristol, Rhode Island. If you are unsatisfied with a Bad Dog Tools purchase, let’s talk! Please call 800.252.1330.

All of our products have a 60 day return policy from the date of purchase. Item must be in sale-able condition with no blemishes or markings on the tool cases. Items not in sale-able condition are subject to a 30% refurbishment fee. Please call us at 800.252.1330 should you have any questions.

If returning items via US Postal Service, mail to:
Bad Dog Tools
PO Box 851
Bristol, RI 02809

If returning items via UPS or FedEx, ship to:
Bad Dog Tools
24 Broadcommon Rd
Bristol, RI 02809