14pc Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

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The Bad Dog Multipurpose Drill Bit will put a hole in material ranging from a hardened steel file to porcelain tile to almost everything in between.

The tip is a revolutionary blend of carbide, titanium, and cobalt that’s ours alone. Tougher than carbide, Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits hold an edge longer than its cobalt cousins. The shank is made from armor steel that flexes without bending or breaking. Tip and shank are brazed together at over 2,000 degrees to create a package that perfect for all drilling needs.

Point these drill bits at a material and they will put a hole in it. Drill through concrete and rebar with the same bit. Drill through porcelain tile and into the wood subfloor with the same bit. They are even great for drilling out hardened steel taps.

The shanks have quick-connect hex ends so they won’t slip and can be used in impact guns.

Proudly made in house at our facility in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA.

  • Truly Multipurpose. Drill through wood, concrete, steel, glass, plastic, stone, and much, much, more.
  • Hex shanks prevent slipping and are compatible with impact guns
  • Lifetime Guarantee – If you dull a bit we will sharpen it, if you damage a bit we will replace it – No questions asked
  • Made in the USA!

Kit includes:
Hex Shank 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4”, 9/32”, 5/16”, 11/32”, 3/8”, 13/32”, 7/16”,15/32”,1/2”, Metal Index.


Unique tip made from a proprietary blend of carbide, titanium, and cobalt resists fracture and stays sharper longer than conventional bits.

Drill multiple materials at the same time. Sharpened to 118°, Bits file through hard materials like tempered and high-speed steel and still drill soft materials like aluminum and PVC without ripping them apart.

Durable Armored Shank at brazed to tip at more than 2700° for both the ultimate durability and flexibility. They’re SO DURABLE that they’re GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Quick-Change Hex End on bits up to 1/2" for a secure non-slip fit in your Hand Drill or Impact Driver.











Bad Dog Multipurpose Bits Are The Most Versatile Bits You Can Own!

We bring out Multipurpose Drill bits to trade shows all over the country in industries as diverse as agriculture and amusement parks. We've heard stories of all sorts of applications: Drilling through steel door frames into masonry block walls to replace locks in the security industry. Making in-field repair to hard to drill Abrasion-Resistant bucket teeth. Drilling tile and cement board to install bathroom fixtures and handles. Drilling mounting holes in a carbon fiber car hood.

How will you use your Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits?

Where are they Made?

We manufacture our Drill Bits in Bristol, Rhode Island. 

How long will my drill bits last?

Use them at the correct RPM and you'll find our Multi-Purpose Bits will outlast most of the bits you've used. 

Will it drill...

Our bits will drill anything softer than the tip. Porcelain tile, AR Steel, Tool Steel. Its 

How do I get my bits to perform like I saw at the show? 

Speed is key!  We recommend a minimum drilling speed of 2,000 for all materials except glass and porcelain tile.  Be sure to check your hand drill or the belts on your drill press to be sure it spins that fast because not all power tools do.  


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1 review for 14pc Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

  1. Robert Meier

    Great Bits! I Have used these for 20 years! This was the easiest warranty claim I have ever had!

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